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Toddler Tale-Telling - DragonLance: Wanderers' Tales [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
DragonLance: Wanderers' Tales

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Toddler Tale-Telling [Dec. 18th, 2006|09:58 pm]
DragonLance: Wanderers' Tales


[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

"Sage-girl here is what juggling looks like," her Minator babysitter Marty said. He had trouble speaking common, but Sage couldn't care less as she adored him. Especially over the last couple of months the troupe had been stuck in the mountains. The dwarves were nice enough to give them lodgings until the snowy season ended, but for those with kender blood it became torture. Sebastius, thankfully, kept her father busy at all times. Something the five year old Sage didn't comprehend than, but camt to later on when she was an adult.

Sage giggled as Marty added knives to the balls, hatchets, and bottles he was currently joggling. Sage clapped with enthuasism when the performance was over.

"Now if every audience was like you," Marty started saying, but he stopped. He saw some movement behind Sage, and before she could turn and see she was hurled into the air. She held onto her friends hairy arms as he ran. . .

Later that night Sage sat beside her father as he showed her a magic trick, but it was a distraction from the serious business in the room. She had only months earlier grieved for the death of her mother and had slowly started smiling again. Then they were attacked by black hooded men... or creatures; she never did get to see their faces. Losing Marty would have sent her happy world into complete chaos. Thankfully the dwarves had a cleric in their midsts, but Marty would never be able to juggle again. At least that was what all the adults said, but Sage refused to believe them.

A few days later she was able to sit at her friend's bedside. Despite being so young she could tell the difference in her friendss emotional state. Marty had lost a couple of fingers on his right hand and she had heard an arrow had come close to piercing his heart. She did not look at her friend with pity or sympathy for she had no knowledge of those feelings. She looked upon her hero with happiness and hope.

"Will you juggle for me?" she asked innocently. She held out the fancy scarves her father had acquired at some noblewoman's house. "I tried, but I can't seem to get it down right." Sage watched as Marty slowly shed tears and told her couldn't anymore. "Why not? Have you tried?"

"Sorry Sage-girl, but the dwarf healer said I couldn't anymore," Marty said.

"Why?" Sage simply asked not understanding.

"I lost a few fingers on my hands," Marty showed her. He had been hesitant before, but Sage was different from all types of children. She was enjoying the heritage of both Human and Kender. He wasn't surprise when Sage eyed the bandaged fingers with curosity.

"Oh," came her reply. "Than may I tell you a story?" Marty was relieved when she changed the subject.

"That would be awful nice of you," he answered.

"Once upon a time there was a boy named Billy who lived in the woods with his mother. He was a good boy who helped his mom do lots of chores. Everytime at night the Billy would play the lute for his mother. Than one day when he was chopping wood he had an accident. He accidantly chopped off one of his fingers. His mother bandaged him up and took him to the nearest healer. The loss of his finger deeply saddened him and he lost some of the cheeriness he had at night. His mother had asked him to play, but he refused because he was missing a finger. Months had gone by when one day a stranger came to the door one winter night. The mysterious man passed out when mother opened the door. So then Billy and his mother nursed their guest back to health. They couldn't risk traveling in the snow storm. When the stranger recovered his health he repaid his hosts' kindness. He fixed windows, chopped wood, and even cooked dinner. Than one night he asked about the lute sitting on the mantle over the fireplace. Billy said he used to play, but no more on the account of his hand. When the man had listened and said that was very sad that Billy stopped playing because of his injury. Someone shouldn't give up what they love doing if there is an obstacle in their way. Later that night when everyone was asleep Billy got up and picked up his lute. He tried a few strings, but it wasn't the same. He started crying for believing the words of the stranger. When he looked up he saw the stranger looking at him. He said to Billy 'We already know the melody, but sometimes we have to reteach oursleves the dance.' He picked up the fallen lute and handed it Billy. Billy fell asleep with the lute in his hands. When he woke up the next morning the stranger had left. After that he retaught himself to play the lute even with his missing finger."

Sage ended her story with a yawn and clapping. Marty and her looked up to see Sebastius come walking into the room clapping.

"An excellent story my dear. You sound like your dear mother when you speak, but it's time for bed. We must not keep Marty up to long if he is to recover."

"Okay Uncle Sebastie," Sage said as she jumped off her stool. She took his hand as he lead her out of the room. Sage was not surprised when months later Marty was juggling again, for she always believed in him.