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Half-Kender Rogue - Sageblossom Epictongue [Oct. 3rd, 2006|11:47 am]
DragonLance: Wanderers' Tales


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“Music powers life. Art reflects life. Life is inspiration, made manifest in our material bodies.”
- Teachings from the Holy Order of Branchala, God of Inspiration

“Knowledge is the benchmark of personal growth. Experience is the benchmark of knowledge. Theater allows you to enjoy the thrills of experience without having to leave you own town!”
- Sebastius, Leader of the traveling troupe The Players of Gilean

“The God’s greatest gift to man is the theater! A hero will save the world once in his life, the actor will safe the world twice a day, five days a week, and manage to do so in front of people, so they can be inspired to greatness themselves!”
- Sebastius (drunk)

“Branchala’s a wonderful chap, as god’s go… best singer you’ll hear! But acting? Boy couldn’t play a villain for anything, tends to preach a bit if you let him, and I happen to know for a fact that he wears far too much eye liner!”
- Sebastius (very drunk)

The continent of Ansalon has been the stage of much war and turmoil through the ages. At times the gods have been silent, even entirely absent. At times the various races and nations have withdrawn in on themselves, shutting out strangers and distrusting anyone different.

But throughout any age, any time of darkness, one race has always kept traveling, exploring, and reaching out people (and their possessions).

Kender have never let little things like barred gates and closed bridges stop them.

Aside from Kender, another group has made their presence known throughout the continent, across the age: the bards and performers of Ansalon, who happen to share a few similarities with the Kender race in general. The oldest (supposedly) most renowned (as advertised) of these traveling troupes are The Players of Gilean.

The Players have been traveling the world as long as anyone can remember. Their numbers have included members of every race and every nationality. Their clientele has included rulers and paupers, ogres and elves, Kingpriests and Highlords. And to the chagrin of many other races, The Players of Gilean have always included at least a few Kender.

One such Kender was Rabblerouse Epictongue, a tumbler and narrator of no small skill with a penchant for performing heart-rending soliloquies while balancing upside down on a giant wooden ball. With a ventriloquist doll propped in his feet. Drunk.

Rab eventually caught the eye, and in turn was caught, by a lovely human actress named Andrea of Tarsis. Small of stature herself, Andrea could masterfully assume roles ranging from young girls, to shrunken old women, with many a precocious heroine in between. Andrea was a favorite of the troupe; performing scenes of humor and solemnity with equal skill and fervor.

After some enjoyable years together the two were blessed with a female child, a half-kender girl the overexcited father was quick to name “Lovely Sage Blossoming Under the Brilliant Sun”. The exhausted and infinitely more practical mother compromised on Sageblossom.

Sageblossom Epictongue was an actor before she could crawl, replacing the tawdry dolls that had previously been used as props in performances. Sage was never far from Andrea’s side, and the friendly child was doted on by an immense number of “uncles” and “aunts”, who included humans, dwarves, kender, elves, a few minotaurs, and (according to her father) a three-headed hydra named Ronald.

When Sage was five years old, her mother contracted a powerful sickness that took kept her in bed and away from the stage. Determined to get better, Andrea would often practice and perform roles from her bed for an audience of one. Sage would practice and perform as other characters with her mother, learning many of Andrea’s acting methods herself.

After a year of sickness, Andrea passed away. Rab and Sage were in mourning for several months before they began behaving as their old selves. Sage’s life would have been much harder had her father not had so much help. Kender are loving parents, though given to bouts of inattentiveness as per their inquisitive nature and short attention spans. Fortunately the human in Sage allowed her to pay more attention to her father, than he did to her… so she never went missing, especially with the troupe as an extended family.

In the twelve years since Andrea’s death Sage has become a sold addition The Player’s of Gilean. She has played roles both small and large, and she has learned some tumbling from her father, as well as basic skills for scaffolding and set design. She has traveled across the continent twice, meeting many people and seeing hundreds of communities. She has yet to experience any true racism for her half-breed heritage, having grown up in an environment that accepted her from birth. Just the same, she has seen hints of racial prejudice in some of the audiences over the years, so she knows it exists.

Her father has lost some of his fire, content to stay with the troupe as he approaches middle age as a widow. He has even contemplated returning to Kenderhome so he can stop traveling, though he is loath to leave his longtime friends in the troupe. Knowing that Sage will soon experience her own wanderlust, Rab has given her the freedom to come or go as she chooses, promising to keep her abreast of how to reach him should she ever need her father.

With her father’s blessing, Sage is now an adult by Kender standards.